Get to know us

How it all began

Participating the Dakar Rally is not a game. To participate is to compete at the highest level and calls for an extraordinary physical and psychological preparation. This reality is at the heart of Muchmore. “MUCHMORE performance” calls for “MUCHMORE Nutrition”.

If the participant in the Dakar rally is a prestigious chef with Michelin Star in Barcelona, ​​the gastronomy, the gourmet origin of the ingredients and the search for a five-star flavour, become key. It’s when ” MUCHMORE Nutrition “ requires ” MUCHMORE Gastronomy” as well.

This is what happened during Nandu Jubany’s physical preparation to compete in the 2017 Dakar Rally. And for this reason, the prestigious Chef from Barcelona decided to create his own brand of sports nutritional products. It is the reason for the birth of MUCHMORE.

A birth that originates with the collaboration of the two founding partners of Muchmore: the same Nandu Jubany and his Sports nutritionist, Toni Sola. Both are today, together with Ivo Gasulla and Albert Castellón, successful professionals from the world of mass consumption and marketing, the partners in a project that will cross all frontiers.

Who is Nandu Jubany?

NANDU JUBANY is a prestigious chef with a MICHELIN STAR and with dozens of projects around the world. Born in Catalonia, near Barcelona, ​​he started his great professional career at a young age. Since 1998 he has held a MICHELIN STAR in his restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes, a small town in the centre of Catalonia.

A chef with cooking in his blood and a believer in tradition, he never forgets innovation as part of his DNA, which applies to all his projects, including his great undertaking of MUCHEMORE.

It has his great love since childhood for “ENDURO” which led him to participate in the DAKAR RALLY. And as almost always in everything Nandu dreams about, that desire became a reality in 2017, participating and, above all, competitively finishing the great rally of his life. Thanks to Muchmore and to his great talent.

Who is
Toni Solà?

TONI SOLA, born in Vic in 1978, is a top-level sports nutritionist: among his clients are famous soccer clubs, professional athletes and demanding people who are concerned about leading a healthy life and a correct nutritional balance.

TONI is a great defender of the belief that nutritional supplements are nothing other than foods PREPARED and CONCENTRATED in the quantities and qualities that effective nutrition needs but without forgetting what they are, food.

That is why the challenge Nandu set him at the end of 2016 did not faze him: he had to get the correct nutrition, to achieve the maximum performance of our Rider-Chef, always respecting HEALTH, NUTRITIONAL BALANCE and the TASTE of all supplements that he would tell him to use.