Much more is muchmore


Certified. No fibs. No processed foods. Nobody can back up this promise as concretely as Muchmore can.

100% real food. We are a brand of supplements made from food. No aromas. Neither artificial nor natural ones. Why should we use aromas if they are in our ingredients naturally directly from the foods? Our protein in strawberry whey powder contains no strawberry aroma. No pink colouring. The strawberry flavour comes from fresh lyophilised organic strawberries from our farms. And its colour, its strawberry red colour, comes from the strawberry. From nothing else.

Made in

Barcelona is one of the world’s epicentres of cutting-edge gastronomy. A forward-thinking gastronomy that is only possible thanks to the deep heritage of its traditional cuisine, based in whole on the Mediterranean diet. Our chef is a chef made in Barcelona. Our nutritionists are nutritionists made in Barcelona. All our products are made here. And how could it be otherwise? That is transmitted to the product and the brand. It’s our way of doing things; it’s the way we are.

We care about
the source

We strive to work with zero-mile ingredients, local and in season. This is important. It is important that our organic whey protein is obtained from dairy cows that are reared in Galicia, Spain, one of the regions of southern Europe with the largest and best production of quality milk.

We are mediterraneans

Not just because we say so but because we are. Who else would dare to introduce virgin olive oil and not coconut oil to make our products? Someone, of course, who lives and feels the Mediterranean culture. Our oranges, mandarins and lemons that give flavour to our products are sourced from, around the Mediterranean.

We take care of you

And for that reason, we respect the product, its ingredients, the brand, the packaging. But we also respect the environment, we respect our surroundings, we enhance the happiness of our suppliers. Consuming Muchmore is an experience that goes beyond the strictly sensory. Muchmore is going to be your travel companion and you will be very comfortable with her.

With gourmet ingredients

The chocolate we use in Muchmore is not just any chocolate: it is chocolate from the French house Barry Calebaut, one of the most prestigious firms of gourmet chocolate. And you can taste it. You will notice it. A bar with a small touch of Maldon salt? Only if it is Muchmore.

A brand designed and developed by chefs with a Michelin star. Can you imagine it in your regular bar? Not a chance.