Vegan Protein Cocoa & Hazelnut

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Weight: 750 g

Nutrition Value Per 100 g
Energy Value 383 kcal
1632 kj
– Saturated fatty acids
9.6 g
1.5 g
– Sugar
8.3 g
6.9 g
Protein 60 g
Saly 1.7 g
Fibre 2.1 g

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Protein from 100% vegetable sources. Vegan alternative to get the most out of your muscles and recover after training or to supplement your usual diet.

This powdered protein is made with the ideal combination of organic pea protein and organic pumpkin seed protein, which is suitable for the needs of vegan sports enthusiasts.  It is considered to be a food, not a supplement, and so it has to pass the strictest quality control tests. We aim to improve families’ food. We can also say therefore that it is perfectly suitable for children and during pregnancy.

2 different sources of protein to offer the best product quality. The pea (a legume) and the pumpkin (seed) together form a complete protein, of especially high biological value, very appealing to vegans. We leverage the characteristics of the various sources of proteins to achieve a complete aminogram with all of the essential amino acids. Adding protein from pumpkin seeds to peas not only serves to perfect the latter in nutritional terms but also gives the product a very good flavour. The power of plants

You don’t have to worry about your digestive system, they are easy to digest. They are very useful for those who suffer from allergies and intolerances related to dairy milk protein.

If you care about your health, your sports performance and the environmental impact of what you consume, this is the protein for you. We are the only brand that uses solely ecological products in preparing our food products.

Haute cuisine flavour

Muchmore is revolutionising the world of food supplements with its gastronomic vision.

Free of aromas, flavour enhancers and artificial colourings. 100 % organic eco-friendly ingredients that will not leave you indifferent. Pure cocoa with coconut flower sugar which offsets the bitterness of the cocoa giving a deliciously intense chocolate flavour.

Organic Pea Protein (42%), Organic Pumpkin Protein (36%), Organic Toasted Hazelnut (7%) (SHELLED NUTS), Organic Coconut Flower Sugar (7%), Organic Powdered Cocoa (7%).

Organic toasted hazelnuts provide an extra dose of energy with omega 6 polyunsaturated fats that reduce cholesterol and are a good source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Not only do they give us a better flavour but it also enriches the product nutritionally. They are very healthy and beneficial fats for recovery after physical exercise, since they are anti-inflammatory.

Pure raw cocoa contains a large amount of flavonoids (antioxidants), in particular procyanidin, which protects against illnesses like heart disease, strokes and cancer. Antioxidants counter the effect of free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative stress. Good physical performance may depend on the consumption of antioxidants. Without forgetting the contribution of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium present in pure raw cocoa. Pure cocoa contains more antioxidants than green tea.


It depends on your objective and your individual characteristics.

With 35g of product, you will get a standard helping of protein (around 21g of vegetable protein).

If you want to gain more muscle mass, you can include up to 50g of powdered protein.


Dissolve 35g of powdered protein in 300ml of water, milk or vegetable drinks. Add the powdered protein to the drink in a shaker and shake it well for 30 seconds. To dissolve it even better use a whisk. It contains no added emulsifiers, but it mixes brilliantly thanks to its powdery texture.

By altering the amount of liquid in the ration, you can obtain textures more like a mousse, perfect for a healthy chocolate dessert. You can also prepare muffins, waffles, sponges and other healthy desserts with this powdered protein.

Mixed with milk or a vegetable drink you will have a healthy alternative to commercial chocolate milkshake, a very useful option for both young athletes and older adults who often find it difficult to add more protein to their diet.

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