Vegan-Organic Recovery Vegetables

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Weight: 750 g

Nutritional Values Per 100 g
Energy Values 373 kcal
1640 kj
– Saturated fatty acids
5.6 g
1.2 g
– Sugar
14.6 g
27 g
Protein 20 g
Salt 0.4 g
Fibre 12.1 g

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Sport version

Specifically formulated to encourage energy and muscular recovery for sports people, combining strength and endurance, and ultra-resilience. But at the same time, it’s a fast and healthy option for lunch or dinner.

The recovery function is essential both for recharging those deposits of energy exhausted when doing sport and to regenerate the damaged muscle fibres and be able to perform at 100% capacity the next time one trains or competes.

Its carbohydrate content comes mainly from powdered quinoa obtained via an innovative technology that gives it greater nutritional assimilation and digestibility.

Quinoa stimulates the formation of muscle fibres and encourages the increase of muscle mass. What’s more, its mineral content benefits the movement of the musculature. And it contains anti-oxidants that protect you from the damage caused by oxidation when doing sports. Quinoa is a food that improves health in general by protecting the digestive system.

It contains proteins of High Biological Value obtained from the combination of proteins from different vegetable sources (quinoa, peas and pumpkin). We leverage the characteristics of the various sources of proteins to achieve a complete aminogram with all of the essential amino acids. Adding protein from pumpkin seeds to peas not only serves to perfect the latter in nutritional terms but also gives the product a very good flavour.

The power of plants Meets the needs of vegans who do sport. Also suitable for children and during pregnancy. All ingredients are 100% vegetarian. Suitable for people with allergies or lactose-intolerant.

All in one meal version

1 dosage, 1 serving

Contains the nutrients necessary to be a balanced and healthy menu.  Add a spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil as dressing and spices to taste; you will have a very complete cream of vegetable.

It gives you the same amount of protein as a 100g fillet of meat. It has high biological value thanks to its combination of different sources of vegetable protein: quinoa, peas and pumpkin.

It is rich in fibre, so it will fill you up with a solid intake. The fibre comes from green vegetables and quinoa; it is not added artificially.

The advantages?
  • Easier digestion. To absorb the energy faster and be able to continue with one’s everyday activities or ensure you sleep soundly if you take it just before going to bed.
  • A simple balanced menu: fast and, above all, full of flavour.

Instant powdered Quinoa (50.87%), Organic lyophilised Carrot (13.04%), Organic lyophilised pumpkin (11.59%), Organic Pea protein (10.15%) and Organic Pumpkin protein (4.35%).

Recommended proportion: 2:1 carbohydrates to protein, 3:1 when mixed with a vegetable beverage.

With real foods. Contains fresh lyophilised vegetables: carrot and pumpkin. It is a source of beta-carotenes (which will be converted into Vitamin A) as very few nutritional properties are lost in the lyophilisation process. 

Quinoa contains proteins as well as carbohydrates so it improves the quality of the protein even more. 


It depends on your objective and your individual characteristics.

Add 50g of the vegetable product to 250 ml of water, juice/cream of vegetable, milk or any other vegetable drink. If you mix it with a vegetable stock, you will easily obtain a vegetable soup texture and if you add milk or a vegetable drink it will be creamier. It will serve you as a post-exercise pick-me-up and it can also be the first dish of a menu.

With the same helping you will have a balanced meal for lunch or dinner, an all-in-one meal.

To increase the ration of protein, you can include 80g of product per helping, and you will have a more complete lunch or dinner menu  as well.

It can be consumed as a supplement to your habitual diet. It can be a balanced quick dinner menu and is easy to digest, not just for sports people but also for any kind of person including children, adults and pregnant women.

For sports people it can also be a post-exercise pick-me-up or a meal supplement. The flavour of the vegetables will combine perfectly with a vegetable purée as a first course of the menu.  You can add it to soups, sauces or stews; with a few spoonfuls you will increase the dish’s nutritional value.

Especially recommended for people who are convalescent, people who have difficulty chewing, or people with involuntary weight loss.

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