Organic Whey protein cocoa

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Weight: 750 g

Nutritional Values Per 100 g
Energy Values 364 kcal
1499 kj
– Saturated fatty acids
2.9 g
1.4 g
– Sugar
11 g
9.5 g
Protein 70 g
Salt 0.05 g
Fibre 3.9 g


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This powdered protein is made with the ideal combination of concentrate and isolated organic milk whey, which is suitable for the needs of children, young people, adults and the elderly.  Also suitable during pregnancy. It is considered to be a food, not a supplement, and so it has to pass the strictest quality control tests. We aim to improve families’ food.

Organic milk stands out for its nutritional quality, which surpasses the standard values of milk, containing more healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3.  To obtain protein of the highest quality, we use only milk of the very best quality, we  ensure the product’s quality straight from the source. Our protein is made with 100% eco-friendly milk whey from Galician grazing cows.

If you care about your health, your sports performance and the environmental impact of what you consume, this is the protein for you. We are the only brand that uses solely ecological products in preparing our food products.

Haute cuisine flavour

Muchmore is revolutionising the world of food supplements with its gastronomic vision. We want the most discerning palates to enjoy it. Nutritional effectiveness coupled with gourmet flavour. A chef at the service of nutrition.

Organic milk whey protein (MILK) (81%), organic powdered freeze-dried Strawberry (11%) and Organic Coconut Flower Sugar (8%)

The ideal combination of organic milk whey isolated concentrate provides 81g of protein for every 100g of product. 

The high percentage of proteins (81%) and their purity make this a product that is very low in carbohydrates. Contains less than 10% sugars.

35 g of powder provides 24.5 g of organic milk whey protein, 3.85g of organic powdered cocoa and 2.8g of organic coconut flower sugar.

Nutrients beyond proteins

The strong anti-oxidising power of cocoa is one of its features. It contains a large amount of flavonoids, in particular procyanidin, which protects against illnesses like heart disease, strokes and cancer. The anti-oxidants counter the effect of free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative stress. Consuming anti-oxidants fosters good physical performance and improves the efficiency of energy-producing cells. (mitochondria). Without forgetting the contribution of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium (ideal for post-exercise muscle recovery) present in pure raw cocoa. Pure cocoa contains a high concentration of antioxidants (even more than green tea).

Organic coconut flower sugar to provide sweetness.

We use no artificial sweeteners. We sweeten it in the most natural way and with the best quality product.

Coconut sugar is a product derived from extracting the sap from the coconut flower and heating it to evaporate most of the water. This procedure means that part of the nutrients of the flower are retained and a sweetener is obtained that can have a crystalline texture similar to that of brown sugar, with a light colour and toasted aroma.

Unlike common sugar, coconut sugar contains minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. It also contains some fatty acids with short chains, polyphenols and anti-oxidants that contribute benefits to our health. It even contains small amounts of amino acids such as glutamic acid, a precursor acid to glutamine, which the cells of the intestine can use as a source of energy.

It has modest amounts of a type of fibre, called inulin, which can have prebiotic effect, feed The intestinal microbiota and can also help to regulate the blood sugar levels (the effect of inulin has been confirmed with diabetics). Inulin is responsible for the fact that its glycemic index is much lower than that of table sugar (even brown or whole cane) or honey, as it does not raise blood sugar levels as much.

It contains approximately 71% sucrose (which is a combination of glucose and fructose), 3% glucose alone and 3% fructose alone.


Nothing better than the food itself to give flavour

Free of aromas, flavour enhancers and artificial colourings. 100 % organic eco-friendly ingredients that will not leave you indifferent. Pure cocoa with coconut flower sugar which offsets the bitterness of the cocoa giving a deliciously intense chocolate flavour.


It depends on your objective and your individual characteristics.

With 35g of product, you will get a standard helping of protein (around 24.5g of protein). You can use it to recover after exercise or as a ration of protein to complement your breakfast or snack.

If you want to gain more muscle mass, you can include up to 50g of product.

For the youngest members of the family, you can reduce the dose (20-25g of powdered protein product will suffice) to prepare healthy cocoa milkshakes, or you can use it to add flavour to healthy sponges or muffins.


Dissolve 35g of powdered protein in 300ml of water, milk or vegetable drinks. Add the powdered protein to the drink in a shaker and shake it well for 30 seconds. To dissolve it even better use a whisk. It contains no added emulsifiers, but it mixes brilliantly thanks to its powdery texture.

If you add less liquid, you can get a modified texture more similar to a dessert mousse.

To add carbohydrates, try dissolving it in vegetable drinks such as rice, oatmeal or even Spanish horchata. You can prepare your smoothie and enjoy it as a healthy sweet treat.

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