The Muchmore solution

The Problem

The food supplements and sports diet market is saturated with brands, companies and solutions. Many solutions that don’t solve “the problem”: How to find the ideal performance and effective nutrition without giving up your healthy lifestyle?

Many brands and products in the world of sports nutrition are artificial supplements of dubious origin, with very poor quality ingredients and with no respect for their flavour. One only has to look attentively at the labels on many miracle bars. They promise effectiveness, promise huge doses of protein and great flavours…with flavourings.

But these days consumers are much more demanding and well-informed. You demand transparency, you demand quality and you demand values. Which brand can harmonise both worlds?

What is the problem, then?

The impressive gap between the supply and demand: between a supply that focuses on the solution and a consumer focused on the problem. A problem that is posed clearly: How can I get better nutrition and a greater performance without giving up my values? Values such as quality, knowing the source of products, the ingredients, balance, respect for the environment, spiritual and physical wellness, and increasingly also, the value of delicious things.


Clearly not, and that’s why MUCHMORE was born

The Solution

The MUCMORE solution is not a simple one. It is a solution developed over many months in which we have worked and researched to be able to offer products that scrupulously meet the new needs of consumers.


  • By being the first 100% organic brand of nutritional and sports supplements.
  • By being the first brand based on the combination of foods, not just ingredients.
  • By being the first brand that puts flavour at the same level as the objective.
  • By being the first brand with a gastronomic focus.
  • By being one of the first brands to opt for vegan and vegetarian solutions
  • By being the first brand to remove any E from its label, making a real commitment to the “clean label”
  • By being the first brand that understands its customer as one that seeks the perfect balance between nutrition, performance and gastronomy
  • By being the first brand that offers what it promises, so much so that we are a brand suitable for pregnant women and children
  • By being the first brand that Muchmore offers than any other
  • By being the first brand that Muchmore offers than any other