Who is muchmore for?


Our elite sportsmen and women are looking for performance, efficiency, and concrete objectives. But our sportswomen and men do not want to give up their health nor do they want the sacrifice to be excessively punishing. Training is hard enough to not be able to enjoy recovering with the best and tastiest supplements.


Never going to the gym is no longer an option. Not climbing stairs, walking part of the way or running to catch the bus, neither. Our hyperactive babies and children are not going to wear us out. Much less our bosses. That’s why we want to stay in shape: to be able to step up to the plate of this active life we want to have. Our healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up life’s pleasures either.


Today, many of our couples, friends and even parents have taken up a sport: running, triathlons, cycling, mountaineering, cross-fitness, etc. Whatever the kind of sport one does, we are increasingly aware that not just any supplement is good. That they are not all focused on the objective. We look for healthy products and, if they are exquisite as well, so much the better.